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Vague BBS
"Vague BBS" is my old school BBS, or bulletin board system.  All I have is a bunch of doors. I have Operation Overkill ][, Legend of the Red Dragon, Legend of the Red Dragon 2, Usurper, Barren Realms Elite, Ambroshia: Test of Time, Jedi Knights, Death Masters, DoorMUD, Planets: The Exploration of Space, BBS Hacker, Hackers: The Roleplaying Game, Murder Motel, NetRunner, HACKARAMA!, The Happy Hacker, Darkness, iMMortal Combat!, 5 Card Stud, Magic 8-Ball, I-Ching, Biorhythm, Complete Tarot, E-Z Chat, and Mystic Messanger. You wanna play those, I got you. Anything else... GTFO!

You can connect:

- with a dedicated BBS client at: 

I recommend using either SyncTERM or Qodem BBS clients for the best experience,  but the Telnet BBS Guide does offer a web-based client right there on the page. 
I prefer SyncTERM, personally.