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Vague Music Radio

"Vague Music Radio" is my ShoutCAST internet radio station!  I'm playing my own music, artists associated with me, my musical influences, and local stuff from St. Peterburg and Tampa. It's a way for me to have my music anywhere and anytime I want it, but hey... I don't mind if anyone else listens. It's random. It's automatic. It's free. It's awesome! 

You can tune in:

- Via the Tunein Radio website

- Via the Tunein app for mobile devices (Android or Apple)

"Bar Review" Podcast

I record, edit, and co-host the podcast "Bar Review", also! Join CERDA!The Lovely JP, and myself at The Emerald Bar in the heart of downtown St. Pete as we imbibe fairly strong drinks while discuss issues regarding strange laws, odd court cases, current events, and much more! Check us out and hear Jessica give real, fact-based insight gained through her paralegal experience while Cerda talks like a host and I alternate between making offensive comments and rambling incoherently. It's the best 45 minutes to yell at on the internet! 

You can tune in:
- Via Tunein Radio website

- Via the Tunein app for mobile devices (Android or Apple)

- Via SoundCloud website

-Via the SoundCloud app for mobile devices (Android or Apple)

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