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First and foremost, thank you for visiting. I'm Vague, and this is Vague Music.  
Vague Music is a lot of things, but mainly it's a way for me to connect with fans and other artists.  I'm mainly a bassist but I also play some guitar, produce some and record as well. I'm interested in a variety of musical genre, as well as exploring and/or creating new and interesting ones. 
This site:
Through the About section of this website you will be able to learn a little about Vague Music as well as me, Vague.
The Vague Music Radio section gives you links to the Vague Music Radio SHOUTcast station where I just play music I like. You can also get contact information and links to my Facebook and Twitter pages as well as info. and links for the podcast I'm part of, "Bar Review".
So there it is. Hope you enjoy!